Private Art Curation

The right piece of art can take a room from cookie-cutter to curated. It can elevate a space or give it just the right amount of edge. Danielle Nicholas Bryk is an interior designer and television host who has become known fo her pared-back, soulful spaces that walk the line between sophistication and avant-garde. Danielle has been dealing art privately for years as part of her interior design practice. It is not uncommon to find her digging through an artist’s basement or studio while on her travels in search of one-of-a-kind pieces. This Private Art Curation Service combines Danielle’s design sensibilities and eye for exceptional art. Expect her to adorn and enhance any space, residential to commercial, with pieces tailored specifically to you.

Gallery Viewing By Appointment

The gallery is currently looking for a new home, and is focused on online and private art curation.

Collaborations, Projects and Events

Danielle is an extremely active member of the Toronto art scene. She has also grown a network of international connections through work and travel. Danielle leverages her position as an established member of the community to host events that have been vehicles for many serendipitous encounters. Danielle has made connections, both locally and internationally with uniquely talented emerging and established artists. Always looking to expand the reach of the arts and support the growth of the arts community, Danielle is open to collaborations and consulting for projects and events.

Now Accepting Artist Submissions

Independent and emerging artists may submit their portfolio for review.


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