Libby Schoettle aka phoebenewyork

Phoebenewyork is the beloved alter ego of street artist Libby Schoettle. Schoettle is a NYC artist originally from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She attended Gettysburg College, Philadelphia University and graduated with honors from Hunter College. Phoebe’s dark and funny explorations into love and life reveal Libby’s own vulnerability, raw emotions, and witty observations.

Phoebe is making an impression on streets across New York City, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Sydney, Barcelona and beyond.  Libby was recently named one of the ten rising street artists who are taking the art form beyond Banksy by artnetNews.  The artist and her artwork have been featured in publications such as Teen Vogue, Glamour Italia, Glamour Espana, Teeth, Citizen Brooklyn, and IL Fotografo and New York Magazine's The Cut. Phoebe is unique and feminine; she provides a fresh voice to those looking for or accidentally stumbling across her art.  

Phoebe first came to life in collages created with found objects, including vintage photographs, magazine pages, clothing, as well as old books, record covers, and the occasional iconic pop art element.  The artist is drawn to materials that have been owned and handled by others, materials that have been touched over time and that will remain intact over time (or not).  As a perfectionist, Schoettle uses her art to fight against her own flaws, and to find beauty in the mistaken. She often chooses to make her collages from materials that “have lived an imperfect life,” as evidenced by wrinkles, bumps, spots and tears. She uses archival glue and mattes to attach her works.

Schoettle’s street art is made of hand-cut Xerox copies for her smaller art pieces and professional prints of her larger art pieces (which can range up to six feet). She then wheatpastes either late at night or early in the morning. Through Phoebe, Schoettle’s art aims to forge connections and evoke emotions among people on city streets, including with the artist herself. Some Phoebe pastes have experienced lifetimes as short as a day (before being covered up, ripped down, or stolen), others continue to thrive in ever-changing cityscapes for years. The Artist believes there is truth and beauty in observing how her alter ego (and everything) is changing, decaying, and eroding over time.

Together, Schoettle and Phoebe are the subjects of a modern-style docuseries that will provide a one-of-a-kind perspective on the quintessential artist’s experience. The docuseries is being produced by Canobie Films and is scheduled for release during the winter of 2019/2020.

Gallery181 was pleased to present a solo show of Schoettle’s work as our inaugural exhibition, from March 1st-March 31st, 2018. Gallery181 also to include her works as part of our exhibition HUMANS, from April 19th-May 19th, 2018.