From traditional Brick and Mortar Beginnings

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To an innovative curatorial experience



Celebrated interior designer, Danielle Nicholas Bryk, is the heart and soul behind Gallery 181. What began as a contemporary art gallery in Toronto’s historic Moss Park district has since expanded beyond its four walls to create tailored and immersive art experiences. Leveraging her unique position in the industry as both curator and interior designer, Danielle connects artists and collectors. Danielle has consulted on a number of collections for private clients from the residential to the commercial. 

With an eye for the provocative, expect Danielle to bring to the table works that express both a physical and emotional rawness. Gallery 181 holds a distinct position in the urban art scene and supports both local and international artists, street artists, and photographers. Danielle develops strong personal relationships with all the artists that she represents. As a result, the selection at Gallery 181 is rich with one-of-a-kind masterpieces, ranging from the subtle and delicate to the impactful and show-stopping.